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John Bolton Lies

United States Ambassador to the United Nations John Bolton Lies


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John Bolton, U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations, Lies, Insists the U.S. Didn't Violate the UN Charter

REPORTER: Sir, you talked quite often about the credibility of the UN ...

JOHN BOLTON: And so has Secretary Rice.

REPORTER: yes and Rice has as well but that seems to work in your favor when they do what you want them to do but you violated the UN Charter when you went to war against Iraq and you consistently lied to us about the reasons that we went to war. And this war was drawn up in Herzlia, Israel, in 1996, with the Project of a New American Century; and why do you have credibility other than that you've just got the biggest guns?

JOHN BOLTON: Can, may I ask what media outlet you're from?

REPORTER: [unclear] news weekly.

JOHN BOLTON: I see. We did not violate the UN Charter in the war to overthrow Saddam Hussein and that plan was not drawn up in Herzlia, the Project for a New American Century ...

REPORTER: [unclear]

JOHN BOLTON: OK, well then perhaps you can refer them to somebody.

[It is so unusual for a reporter to ask a good tough question that Bolton questions what media outlet the reporter is from] Keep in mind that she asks this in front of other U.S. reporters but it doesn't make the news!

Video of Bolton Talking about U.S. Control of the UN

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